Three representatives of CDSE participated in Learn IT tools project

In May 2016, 3 of CDSE representatives participated in an exchange programe project in Germany called Learn IT tools.

As that week in May was passing by, our representatives had a chance to meet extraordinary people from 10 different countries and be a part of one of the training courses financed by Erasmus + program. 

In the text bellow, you can find one of the experiences written by our representative Melvisa Miskić.



I don't know is this the right way to start a description of one beutiful experience but as I'm getting older, it is becomming harder for me to keep up with time. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why it took me five months to describe what happend to me in a small town Braunlage in Germany which (as I later learned) has a very vivid history and popular legends. So, let me tell you more about my journey and stories I heard while I was on it.

My story beggins with invitation form my friend Alena, who is Lenka to all of us. She invited me to apply for participation in training course „Learn IT tools“ from 23rd – 30th May 2016. The training course was organized by NaturKultur e.V. from Germany and the whole project was financed by Erasmus + program.

To be honest, the first thing that attracted me to apply was the information that participants from ten different countries were eligible to apply: Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey, UK, Spain and, finally, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Oppurtunities like this are always more than welcomed if one lives in this beutiful country. So, for me the biggest motive to apply, was this intercultural aspect of the training course. Since Lenka is such a good friend, she also invited one of our smart collegues. Her name is Dalila and likewise Lenka, she is also good in managing challenging situations. So, we applyed, packed our bags and after two flights, three trains and one bus (if I remember correctly), we finally arrieved to our venue – the famouse Braunlage.

The first thing that welcomed us were the smiley faces of our hosts. After that, the learning processes started and we realized that we won't be bored during training course.

So, what did we learn? First of all, we learned that using IT tools can be very creative. We learned to create web sites, we managed to create and edit our own video and we also got more information about photo editing. One of the best workshops were focused on crowdfunding and media campaigns, but also on using social media in advocating for increased recognition and validation of non-formal learning. Also, one of the most important topics was post-project dissemination of the project results adopting common strategy and action plan.

So, as you can see, i.e., read, we have been given one awesome oppurtunity to learn great and useful things.

Like I already mentioned, for me the best part of the training course was its intercultural aspect. We had our national evenings through which we could learn more about each other countries. Also, we cooked for each other and I know that I will never foreget how challneging it was for me to cook for almost 40 persons. While Dalila, Lenka and I tried to expalain everybody the logic of illogical political system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, other participants showed us some cool features of their countries. In the end, we got more familiar with the beuty of Macedonia and its capital Skopje, but also with history of land of the fire – Azerbaijan. We had the chance to taste Egyptian food, to drink Turkish hand-made ayran, to eat Ukrainian chocolate, to learn more about legends in German history, to hear more about Albanian diversity, to listen a real British accent, to have a spanish party and to be suprised with the fact that there exists one Azerbaijan guy who is familiar with Bosnian rock bands. Of course, this is only one small part of everything we learned and experienced.

This experience helped me realize that even unexpected situations can be overcomed if we work as a team and that there is still hope for the future of this world because it is full of good people who want to travel, to learn and share information but who also want to develop themselves in order to make this world a better place for the generations to come.


Melvisa Miskić,


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Three representatives of CDSE participated in Learn IT tools project

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