About Us


Association Center for Development of Social Entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization registered in 2015, and our work contributes to development of social and youth entrepreneurship.


Implementation of our activities is focused on animating citizens to participate in solving social problems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the creation of an environment in which citizens can self-employ themselves.


CDSE will also, through the educational seminars, debates, workshops, symposia and other events, work to improve knowledge about social entrepreneurship and skills that citizens need to run their own business.


For this purpose, CDSE strives to work with young people who aspire to the realization of innovative and socially responsible and sustainable ideas, and help them to prepare for the labor market. Therefore, we encourage all young people who seek to improve their personal potential, to improve the quality of their own life, quality of their community, to join our organization, where they are more than welcome.


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